Portsmouth & District Postal Branch

Retired Members Section

Dear Retired Member,

It has been some time since the branch has written to the “Class C” section of our Retired Members.  We continue to have a branch vacancy for the Class C Secretary. If anyone is interested in becoming involved in the CWU, has any suggestions for the Class C Section or would like more information please do not hesitate to contact me on the above details.

At our recent CWU Annual Conference I can report that the following Motion (44) submitted by the National Executive was challenged by the Retired Members Section on your behalf, claiming that the Motion was “discriminating to retired members”, conference  delegates voted to accept the challenge and the Motion was taken off the pad.

Motion 44

“That the NEC is authorised to present rule amendments at the earliest opportunity that ceases the death benefit for retired members and introduces “death in service” benefit for working members provided by an insurance company”.

Other motions of interest to the Class C Section:

Motion 9 – which was carried:

“This Conference instructs the incoming NEC to lobby the Labour Party to work towards achieving the state pension above the official poverty level which in 2009 was £165.00 a week. This to be paid to all pensioners without any means testing and with future pension increases linked to earnings or prices whichever is the greater.  This to be financed through a number of measures including:

 Using the surplus in the National Insurance Fund which currently stands at £46 billion and is forecast to grow to £114 billion by 2012.

Abolishing the upper earning limit on National Insurance Contributions- £8 billion”

Derbyshire Amal / Midlands Regional Committee

Motion 13- Which unfortunately was “timed out” on the agenda pad

“This Conference agrees that the present system of monitoring the Care and Wellbeing of elderly people is not working.  A new independent body, society for the protection and care of older people (SPCOP) need to be set up.

The SPCOP must be independent of National / Local Government and the NHS.  To have the right to enter all hospitals, nursing and care homes unannounced.  To attend private homes together with the police when required.  To have the same access to the Police as the RSPCA and Child Protection Agency presently enjoy.

Conference instructs the NEC to work with the RMAC, NPC AND TUC to pursue this policy.”

Retired Members Conference / North Wales and Marches

Please could I take this opportunity to ask you to advise me of any change of personal details, including your nominee for the CWU death benefit?

I look forward to hearing from you in the future.

Kind regards

Ruth Harris

Branch Secretary